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Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imagery (iMRI) Suite

Client: Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
Location: 400 West Pueblo Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Project Type: State of the Art Operating Suite
Project Size: 3,000 SF
Project Value: $3.5M
Photography: Elevated Horizon

The Santa Barbara community is now home to one of the most technologically advanced surgical suites in the world. Armstrong Associates collaborated closely with Cottage Hospital staff, Perkins Eastman Architects, and leading medical equipment specialists: BrainLab, Siemens, Skytron, Stryker, and Trumpf to deliver the only iMRI Suite of its kind in the nation.

The iMRI Suite combines an operating environment with the latest in MRI and X-Ray imaging technology. This access to high quality, real time imagery during an operation, allows surgeons to precisely identify the boundaries of healthy tissue and tumor tissue. The iMRI Suite now allows surgeons to perform procedures, that only a short time ago would not have even been considered.

“The intraoperative MRI at the Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute greatly facilitates the safer and more complete removal of complex brain tumors. This in turn may allow patients to avoid additional treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy and repeat surgeries.”
– Dr. John Park – Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute Medical Director

The innovative technology of the new iMRI Suite provides patients with improved surgical outcomes and Armstrong is proud to be part of a project that will that will no doubt add to the health and well-being of our local community and region.

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