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Marquee Martini Bar

This spectacular cornerstone space next to the Granada Theatre entrance typifies State Street elegance and style. Mock ups of the bar, booths, and cabinets were done on site to conceptualize how all elements would work spatially. This process was vital because the dimensions of the space (only 25’ wide and 1,158 square feet total) along with booths, tables, restroom, a full sized bar, and kitchen area made it challenging to fit everything within the footprint.


We then produced on site samples of finish items, including paint, stained flooring, stone countertops, wood trim samples, fabrics for booths and draperies, and lighting fixtures. These finish items were selected on site and then custom built to fit the elements within the space.


Other challenges we overcame include working directly next to the Granada Theatre and their schedule of performances, staging and delivering materials, and coordinating trade work with the structural, mechanical, and electrical infrastructure of the Granada Building shell.

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