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Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Pharmacy

Client: Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
Location: 400 West Pueblo St., Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Project Size: 6,200 SF
Project Value: $3.2M
Photography: Fraas Photography

Entrusted by Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, Armstrong Associates was awarded the contract to complete an intricate remodel of the hospital’s internal pharmacy. Armstrong’s team worked alongside hospital administration and overseas vendors to streamline construction while providing essential services to patients at all times during the pharmacy’s update and construction.

This build incorporated complicated life/safety logistics including HVAC work spanning through four floors of a functioning hospital as well as re-routing main electrical and mechanical utilities that were part of the main lifeline of the hospital.

Dealing with stringent timeline constraints, Armstrong had to quickly identify and address potential issues to keep the project on track as part of the hospital’s larger construction and master plan.  Armstrong incorporated BIM (Building Information Systems) 3-D computer modeling to examine the existing space and to better view potential conflicts between new walls, ceilings, mechanical ducting, pipelines, electrical conduits, and fire sprinkler systems. Although normally reserved for larger projects, the use of BIM by Armstrong created a mechanism for reducing costs for future rework. It also enabled Armstrong’s team to construct all systems with amazing precision given the spatial constraints.

Our team worked in tandem with the hospital’s vendors to ensure the state-of-the-art pharmaceutical technology was in place which included Robotic Pill Picker, Box Picker, and RIVA (IVs and syringes) systems designed by international teams who had installers flown in from Canada and Italy.

Armstrong Associates took pride in working in partnership with Cottage Hospital to provide the necessary services to complete this important section of the hospital for future patients and staff.

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