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Turner Residence

Architect: Harrison Design Associates Architects

This beautiful Hope Ranch home was occupied by the family during our 1,100 square foot second story addition and 1,000 square foot remodel to existing areas. 


One of the major challenges was to reproduce finishes, doors, windows, and ornamental iron to match the original construction (circa 1970). This challenge was easy compared to the permit requirement that the entire home be retrofitted with a wet fire sprinkler system because of the added square footage. 


The homeowners left on vacation for the two weeks during this retrofit, and we painstakingly installed the system, tested it, concealed heads, and restored existing finishes so that the new system could not readily be seen.


Saltillo tile flooring throughout the interior and exterior accentuate the Spanish Colonial style of the home, while the custom wrought iron matching the existing does the same. Unique interior woodwork includes walnut countertops and cherry cabinets, which were stained espresso to give them a truly unique finish.

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